Karen Back is one of the finest writers Iíve worked with (as editor of HGTV Magazine) in the 16 years I've had occasion to hire freelancers. An excellent writer whose prose is both clear and lively, her research is thorough and her stories accurate.
— Mary C. Weaver

Karen Back is known to me as a freelance writer whose articles were submitted to and printed in the Arts and Leisure section of The New York Times (when I was editor of that section). Both her work and her dealings with us were admirably professional.
— Lawrence Van Gelder

At Asia Times we were fortunate to have Karen Back working for us as a Contributing Editor. She covered a variety of issues, on each occasion coming up with a well written and thoroughly documented article. All of the editors in Bangkok, and especially those of us here in the U.S., came to rely on her initiative, imagination and professionalism.
— David DeVoss

Karen Back's work at the LA Herald Examiner was of an exemplary quality. I found her to be inventive, conscientious, thorough and punctual. She has all the qualities as a writer for which an editor might wish.
— David Gritten

I really liked your piece. It was punchy and detailed and just what I had in mind (as editor of International Banking Magazine). If only all contributors could be like you.
— Laura Covill