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Karen Back Library

The Karen Back Library contains an archive of articles, book reviews, short stories, novels,
scripts, children's stories, poems and photographs by Karen Back, and photographs of her.

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Articles include:

Your Online Chance to be Alice in Wonderland
A Chinese mask glides through a closed door, flows toward outer space, stops near TMAN1938 who is alone on the roof of a space station. This isnít a science fiction movie; itís a 3-D virtual chat environment on the Internet.

Patriot Games
Picture this: An Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian leader star together in a film. Impossible? Then try this: Former CIA Director William Colby and former KGB Major General Oleg Kalugin teamed up in Hollywood.

Money for Movies
Trading at $75 on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, the film "Lost in Space" is up three points. People are buying moviestocks like mad with virtual cash. But is real cash for Hollywood films available on Wall Street?

Recipe for Wireless Success
NTT DoCoMoís i-mode service is one of the most interesting, and instructive, wireless success stories in recent history. Launched February 28, 1999, i-mode now has millions of subscribers in Japan.

Alma Mater of Showbiz
What do James Garner, Barbara Hershey, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney have in common? They all went to the same high school.

Apple Computer pins hopes on Hollywood hype
In the boardroom of ICM in Los Angeles, the latest Apple Computer television commercial flickers on the screen.

Horace Bristol: Poet with a Lens
One of LIFE magazine's first photojournalists, Horace Bristol's best known photographs are of Depression-era migrant workers, an unfinished collaboration with author John Steinbeck.

Fetal Diagnosis, Therapy and Surgery
The ambulance sped up to Gate B6 at LAX and turned off its siren. Two attendants unstrapped the gurney and waited for Flight 84 from Anchorage to arrive.

Secrets of Stress-Free Entertaining
Was your grandmother like mine? When you walked into her house on the holidays, you were greeted by the scent of turkey stuffed with bread crumbs, celery and onions roasting in the oven. Pumpkin pies and lemon cakes cooled on the counter next to a sink full of dirty dishes.